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Leah (20)

Leah Call Girl in Gurgaon

In: Rs8000 / Out: Rs9000

Naughty Hot Girl! Extremely sexy and beautiful.

Best Escorts Review by Aniket Singh on 11/24/2019 ( 1 Shot Incall)

Leah's apartment is very comfortable and secure area of Gurgaon. The building where it is located has an unrestricted walk in access, and it was easy to make my way through the elevator, to its door. The flat itself was cozy, the bedroom with homogeneous, beautiful decorations.

Girl Leah...
Leah's very friendly, pretty, amusing, very good looking, fun and an extremely very sexy and welcoming lady. Her face are absolutely attractive and stunning, her eyes Intoxicating, her full body very blond and her's no stain on the body.

Good and fantastic, start to finish. Wow wow good everything. Very nice rating for her behavior.

Best Escorts Review by Rampal Mishra on 11/23/2019 ( 2 Shot Incall)

Leah was invited to join with me a companionship and at a luxury Gurgaon hotel.

Girl Leah...
My had a good spend a night with Leah. She is fantastic, full of energy and playful. I in the beginning booked for 2 shot; Although i couldn't let go. what an angel.. I was in heaven. She is a very charming lady.

All good rating for everything and specially for playful and energy of Leah.